About Me

FranroseAhoy there! Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Franrose and I am a medium-skilled writer who enjoys covering a wide variety of different topics, from personal financial development to headlines news and intriguing scientific finds. I also write about my daily tantrums, from a mother’s standpoint to the images found through the eyes of a babe. Above sharing, I love to learn, particularly about different cultural backgrounds and people of all walks of life. Unity in diversity is by far the strongest instrument the world can ever achieve as one.

Lover/Writer of Life

Writing is indeed very powerful. To me, it provides every person the opportunity to voice whatever they feel, however they feel, no matter how right or wrong. There’s really nothing better (or worse) for the human psychological intelligence than writing, in my opinion. Writing is not just a way to spit truth or swallow resentment; it’s definitely a form of art.

I look forward to more sharing and learning, from everything all readers and relaters have to offer.

Favorite Sites:


Personal Money Store – Money Blog

Adworkz Performance Marketing





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